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As well as being hugely enjoyable for the whole family, there are a significant number of health benefits to trampolining. It helps stimulate metabolism, increase oxygen capacity, improve balance, increase oxygen circulation, strengthen the heart, increase energy, and firm and tone muscles. This makes a back garden Trampoline a simple and effective work out tool for everybody to enjoy.

Studies have shown that Trampolining is three times more beneficial to health and fitness than running. This means that a 10 minute workout on a Trampoline is as effective as a daily half hour run. Furthermore, trampolining removes 80% of the pressure placed upon lower limbs and feet, making trampolining a great physiotherapy exercise for the elderly or those recovering from injury.

But, aside from all the health benefits, trampolining is good old fashioned fun. The simplistic pleasure of being propelled into the air repeatedly is something that is enjoyed by generation after generation.

At All Round Fun, we stock a wide range of Trampolines in a variety of sizes and styles, helping you find the Trampoline that perfectly suits your garden and your family’s tastes. From small, 5ft Trampolines for the younger members of the family, to larger 15ft Trampolines for the more proficient amongst you, we’ve got the product to suit your needs.

All of the products that we stock are manufactured by brands that we implicitly trust, meaning that our Trampolines are all safe and durable. All of the Trampolines that we stock are supplied with full instructions, making them easier for you to construct.