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Trampoline Anchor Kits

We offer a wide range of anchors to ensure your trampoline is well secured to the ground – allowing you to bounce around care-free, for hours.

Our trampoline tie down kit includes large, heavy-duty cork-screw ground anchors, similar to trampoline pegs, that twist into the ground. A sturdy strap also secures to each anchor and attaches to the frame.

Some of our kits come complete with brackets and bungees capable of holding 300kg each.

When correctly installed, tension on the trampoline will be equally distributed, helping to keep you and your trampoline safe. Your product will not blow away or flip over in high winds.

Our anchors are compatible with security fastenings to help protect your property against theft.

If you need more assistance to find the trampoline anchor kit for your model, contact us today.

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