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Spring Padding

Heavily-used back garden trampolines withstand a lot of wear and tear from your family and from nature. Changing weather conditions and bouncing family members can contribute towards the slow deterioration of the trampoline’s padding. Ineffective and worn-down Padding can lead to a dangerous trampolining experience for the family.

At All Round Fun, we stock replacement and spare Padding for trampolines of all sizes, colours and styles, ensuring that the products matches your trampoline and provide fun and exercise for the whole family for longer. The padding helps protect everyone from landing on exposed metallic springs. Furthermore, the Padding serves to protect the trampoline from damage – softening the contact of the trampoline user on the springs. This makes effective Padding incredibly important to the welfare of both you as the user and the trampoline.

All of our Padding is made from high quality materials and PVCs which ensure that it is long lasting, durable and protected against excessive water damage. They are simple to attach to a trampoline, meaning that you and your family can be enjoying the trampoline again in no time.