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7ft Trampolines

Let your little ones enjoy some fresh air and fun exercise with a great quality 7ft trampoline. Trampolining is good for the bouncer’s mind, body, and spirit. A 7ft trampoline is the perfect size for young children between the ages of three and six years old, making them the ideal first trampoline. Sit comfortably while supervising your kids on one of our sun loungers.

Our in-ground and above-ground trampolines are weatherproof, have high specification jumping mats, and responsive springs for a better and more stable bounce. Do the little ones need to cool off after a bouncing session? Then set up a kids’ water park! With a range of shapes and designs for you to choose from, you’ll be able to find the right 7ft trampoline at All Round Fun.

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Above-ground or in-ground: what type is best for you?

    Pros of above-ground trampolines
  • Easy to install.
  • Enclosures fit most models reducing the chance of injury when falling.
  • Many are also built with a low height frame for safety
  • Accessories, like shoe bags and ladders, can be added for convenience

  • Pros of in-ground trampolines
  • Low height reduces the risk of injury.
  • Safe and easy to use and access.
  • Enclosures can be installed for additional safety
  • Easier to blend it into its surroundings

Safety tips when using a 7ft trampoline

7ft trampolines are great for young kids, but they can only safely bounce one child at a time and adults are completely out of the picture. As this size trampoline is the perfect starter trampoline, teaching your little ones how to use it properly is key to preventing injuries and negative experiences. Here are some safety tips you should follow:

  • Children should always be supervised when using a trampoline and resting is encouraged during long bouncing sessions.
  • Trampolines aren’t suitable for toddlers or young children under the age of 6 — children this age haven’t developed the physical skills required to fully control their bouncing.
  • Always have a compatible safety enclosure attached to the trampoline to prevent falls and injuries.
  • Only allow one child to bounce on a 7ft trampoline at a time. Depending on the weight capacity of the trampoline, this can be increased to two children for less physical games (such as drawing and throwing games).
  • Encourage children to bounce in the centre of the trampoline to reduce the risks of falling off the edge and catching themselves on the springs.
  • For additional protection from the springs, hooks and frames can be used to prevent injuries.
  • Don’t allow children to go underneath the trampoline. This is especially important if the trampoline is in use and has a low frame.
  • Even if the trampoline has a low frame or is in-ground, children should never jump off the trampoline and should be encouraged to step off or use a ladder instead.
  • Avoid putting the trampoline on hard surfaces without absorbent safety matting. Hard ground includes tarmac, concrete, slate tiles, and hard-packed mud.
  • Ideally, the trampoline should be installed on soft ground that absorbs energy. The best cushioning materials are sand, bark woodchip, luscious lawns, etc.
  • Domestic trampolines, especially ones that are only 7ft, are not suitable or designed for doing flips or somersaults, so these tricks should be avoided.

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