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8ft Trampolines

8ft Trampolines


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8ft Trampolines

EvoStar, Hedstrom, Plum, Jumpking, and BERG are all responsible for these outstanding trampolines that you see here now and have come to choose from. They have 4 safety awards and a 'Best Toy' award between them. These 8 foot trampolines have already shown from a variety of vigorous testing methods, from both the manufacturing companies themselves and other independent reviewers, why they are some of the most reliable and fun toys on the market today.

8 foot trampolines have the advantage of being compact enough to fit into smaller spaces, whilst still providing plenty of jump room for 1 or more young children. Here are various other features contained within our extensive selection:

• Padding designed to go over the jumping bed, preventing any possibilty of jumpers landing on any exposed framework or springs, therefore providing both extra strength and safety.

• Thick walls on foam sleeves provide a safety cushion against the enclosure poles. These enclosure poles are also secured for extra safety.

• Enclosure sleeves, ensuring the surrounding safety net fits firmly against the poles' entire length. This is a new alternative, safer system than nets that are tied to the top and bottom of each pole.

• Weather covers that can be put on the trampoline without having to take off the safety enclosure.

• The possibility of your trampoline coming with a free gift when delivered! (Specified trampolines only.)