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7ft Trampolines

7ft Trampolines


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7ft Trampolines

Our 7 foot Plum Junior Jumper trampolines come complete with enclosures. We guarantee that you are getting the most bang for your buck with these little bouncers.

Designed especially for the younger children with extra features, such as:

• Lower frame heights. This makes it easier for toddlers, infants and younger children in general to enter and exit the bouncing area. This reduced height between trampoline and floor also significantly lowers the risk of falling and/or serious injury.

• Safety pads that are firmly tied to the frame and undergo UV treatment, therefore also protecting each trampoline against damaging sun rays and further increasing product lifespan.

• Secure plastic mouldings that cover the trampoline's legs to further improve stability/sturdiness.

• An entire frame manufactured from high quality, galvanised steel both (inside and outside). The springs are also galvanised ('Galvanised' means that a zinc coating is added to the steel in order to further increase strength and somewhat reduce any chance of breakage, whilst also improving versatility to various weather conditions).

• Sewn together jumping mats and pads, with elastic webbings that establish each trampoline as 'SpringSafe' (SpringSafe meaning that there is little if any chance of a spring becoming dislodged.).

These trampolines also come with a 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects on all parts.