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5ft Trampolines

5ft Trampolines


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5ft Trampolines

We are pretty sure you'll not find a range of 5 foot Plum trampolines anywhere else that matches the quality we have on offer here. Here you will find trampolines including; a rebounder jogger trampoline to help expend your child's/children's endless energy, 5ft trampolines with safety enclosures, and even a trampoline that's great quality is justified by it winning a 'Best Toy' award from Right Start in 2013.

A rebounder jogger trampoline can be used as part of a physical fitness regime, as well as enjoyed by the kids of course. So-called 'rebounding' provides a variation of exercise which has a low impact on knees and joints. These kinds of trampolines do not give a rebound as high as larger recreational or competitive trampolines, making them safer for youngsters and also causing more energy to be used by many shorter jumps in any set time.

These smaller trampolines fit conveniently into almost any area of the garden, keeping even the youngest acrobat fit, healthy, and overwhelmed with enjoyment. All recreational (not rebounder) trampolines come with safety nets that instill peace of mind for both parents and users, with rebounder trampolines not allowing high enough jumps to make a safety net necessary.

High-quality products used to build these trampolines include; steel frames reinforced with an inner and outer zinc coating for extra durability, UV treated spring padding (to protect from the sun's damaging rays), and the best jumping mats, created from Grade A Permatron.