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14ft Trampolines

14ft Trampolines


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14ft Trampolines

We have in stock some of the most modern 14 foot trampolines to date, that have been created using the most up-to-date and innovative advancements in technology. EvoStar, Plum, Jumpking, and BERG have strict manufacturing and testing processes in place to make their products stand out from the competition, and is one of many reasons you will find their trampolines here at All Round Fun.

Here are some of the exciting yet safety-affirming features to be found within our 14 foot trampoline range:

• Designs allowing the bouncer more control over their movements by preventing him/her from being pulled into the middle of the trampoline. This has been proven to reduce accidents by decreasing the possibility of jumping forward off balance.

• Innovative shapes of jumping mats and frames make for better vertical travel, therefore producing softer, better, more focused, more controlled bounces with every jump.

• The highest quality mats available. Jumping beds produced from Grade A, heavy duty, Permatron polypropylene, fine-gauze mesh.

• Galvanised inner and outer steel frames (Steel further strengthened with a protective zinc coating), providing maximum protection from weather damage and product life.

These trampolines are easy to assemble, with parts just having to be simply slotted together, and spring loading tools being included with each trampoline when required.