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It’s essential that you buy the correct size trampoline for your garden. Most manufacturers recommend that around 3 feet of clearance is left around the outside of the trampoline, in order to prevent injury when bouncing. So when you’re deciding what size or placement is best, take this into consideration.

Things to consider when buying your trampoline

Safety should always be your main concern

  • Ensure that your kids will stay safe by choosing a trampoline with protective padding and an enclosure
  • Assess weight limits: will the trampoline you have purchased be suitable for two or three kids bouncing at once?
  • You should always install your trampoline on a soft surface like turf or wood chips

Looking after a trampoline

  • Make sure your trampoline is covered when it’s not in use, so that the mat is protected from garden debris and bird droppings
  • In the winter, or in high winds, your trampoline should be taken down and stored away if it cannot be anchored to the ground

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