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Jump Mats

Ever concerned with stocking high quality products, we can assure you and your family the best overall experience. All Round Fun’s range of Jump Mats are durable, responsive and soft. Made from the highest quality materials, our Jump Mats provide an exceptional trampolining experience without causing irritation to those enjoying the trampoline.

We stock Jump Mats in a variety of different sizes accommodating different numbers of springs ensuring that you will be able to find a replacement or spare Jump Mat for your trampoline. From small 5ft trampolines to large 15ft trampolines, we have the Jump Mat for you.

Our clear and simple-to-understand system makes it easy for customers to find their perfect Jump Mat, simply match up the size of your trampoline and its number of springs to find a suitable product. We even include a measurement guide in the product descriptions to protect against any confusion.

Trampolining is fantastic exercise for the whole family, helping to tone many parts of the body. Trampolining can help stimulate metabolism, increase oxygen capacity, improve balance, increase oxygen circulation, strengthen the heart, increase energy, and firm and tone muscles. Replacing the Jump Mat when necessary helps keep the trampoline effective and keeps your trampoline workout incredibly beneficial.