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Internal Nets

All Round Fun's Internal Nets are unobtrusive, secure and ideal for families with younger children offering additional safety to Trampolines of all sizes.

Effortlessly clipped onto the inside of the trampoline, the internal nets are great for those children who can get slightly carried away whilst having a bounce.

When your children are playing with friends sometimes the Trampoline can get a bit over crowded, and so an Internal Net is a perfect solution to ensure your kids are safe from falling onto the ground and getting hurt.

Our wide selection of Internal Nets fit onto trampolines of all sizes and styles, ensuring that you won’t have to make any estimations when updating and upgrading your trampoline.

The intelligently designed Internal Nets ensure that the bouncing space of the trampoline is not impinged upon and compromised by obtrusive netting. Many of our Internal Nets are secured inside of the jumping mat, away from the metal springs, protecting you from injuring yourself on these springs.

Stocking only products from manufacturers that we trust and who use high quality materials, we can assure you that all of our Internal Nets are strong and durable. The finely-woven nets are specially crafted to ensure that little fingers do not become trapped, removing the risk of injury. This ensures that you and your family will be offered the support and protection that they require, giving you greater peace of mind.