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Climbing Frames

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How to make a climbing frame safe?

  • Build it on flat grass –The soil offers support to the frame and the grass itself retains moisture, improving impact absorption if a child trips over.
  • Add play bark underneath –An inexpensive surface solution that offers a soft landing for kids. It will require a top-up every so often.
  • Use rubber chippings, mulch or matting –Another low maintenance and cost-effective option as a landing surface.
  • Provide shade –This is important for kids because it’s easy to overheat when having so much fun on sunny days.
  • Always supervise young children –Whether the climbing frame is big or small, you should supervise children of all ages to ensure safety at all times.

4 reasons you should get a climbing frame for your children

  • Gets kids outside - The best way to encourage your children to go outdoors is to make the outdoor activity fun and more entertaining than a TV screen. Getting them a climbing frame is a highly effective way to do so. It’s also convenient, so if there’s only an hour of dry weather during the day, your kids can use that to their advantage by playing and climbing in their back garden.
  • Exercises the mind and body - Climbing frames are a great way to encourage kids to be physically active. They develop strength, balance, and coordination in a fun and effective way. As well as exercising the body, climbing frames encourage children to use their imagination. Whether they’re pretending to be monkeys in the jungle or on a pirate ship, a climbing frame allows them to broaden their minds joyfully and beneficially.
  • Boosts social skills - Whether it's with friends, family, or the kids' next door, a climbing frame will allow your little ones to practice and improve their social skills with one another. This is because they can take part in playing games with each other or sharing each other’s ideas to create the ultimate imaginary world to play in. This will make them want to be social and spend time playing with other children.
  • It’s fun that lasts for years - A climbing frame is so much fun and the best part about it is that it lasts for years! Children can grow up perfecting their climbing skills and improving their confidence and strength with their climbing frame. You can start small by encouraging them to play on equipment that’s suitable for their age, and the areas they grow out of can be replaced with more suitable parts or larger frames over time.

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