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Swing Accessories

Swing Accessories


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Swing Accessories

You won't believe the vast range of swing accessories we have to modify and enhance your swing sets. Here at All Round Fun, we believe that you and your little explorers deserve opportunities to create variation and choice. That’s why we have a large selection of accessories for some of our larger swing sets. Here are just some of the accessories you will find here:

• Both knotted and unknotted climbing ropes, made from soft but strong, quality polypropylene, as well as rope ladders. These climbing ropes and rope ladders will also increase your child's strength when used effectively.

• Trapeze bar swings and metal gym rings, allowing your child to swing with their arms. These also can increase upper body strength.

• Monkey swing seats, as well as plastic blow moulded, wooden, rubber, and wrap around swing seats, also in a range of colours.

• Twizzler swings, making it possible for children to swing while rotating.

• Vertical and horizonal tyre swings.

• Baby seats in a range of colours and sizes.

• Duo swings, allowing two children to use the same swing at the same time.

Go on, choose what your children want and need to enjoy their garden toy even more!