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A toy wagon has the same structure as the traditional, larger wagon used to transport goods, but is much smaller and has an open top. An average wagon is able to seat one child, who can propel himself by using his own strength via a handle at the front. Toy wagons have been enjoyed by children for generations. Besides play, wagons could also be used for small outdoor projects.

We present to you toy wagons manufactured by the well respected Radio Flyer, who are justifiably proud of what they have created. With steel totally seamless bodies, added safety features, and complete with rolled no scratch edges Children can use the easy pulling, long handles to pull themselves along, or to carry toys and treasures that they find whilst at play. These handles can also fold underneath the cart for easy storage, and also making extra room inside the cart.

Safety features include:

• Egg shaped ball socket joints, preventing trapped fingers.

• Controlled turning axles, to prevent the wagon from flipping over.

• Strap harnesses to hold children safely inside.

The maximum weight capacity for our wagons is 68kg (11 stone). Recommended for children who are 18 months or older.