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Electric Scooters

Electric scooters for adults are fast becoming a popular way to get out and about. Whether you’re a regular commuter or just want to invest in a fun way to get about, an electric scooter could be perfect for you. Whizz past people-traffic and put push-powered scooter riders to shame — you’ll soon adore your new commuter scooter.

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Why buy an electric scooter?

  • Speed up your commute
  • They’re great fun!
  • Affordable
  • Easy to take onto public transport
  • Good for the environment

Factors to consider when purchasing a scooter

  • Wheel size - Smaller wheels make for a less smooth ride, so choose wheels that are over 10cm in diameter. This will help you when navigating off-road routes, or also help you to skim over potholes and other road debris.
  • Tyre type - Choose from between pneumatic (air filled) tyres, or solid rubber tyres. Air filled tyres help with handling and shock absorption, but you will have to regularly check the tyre pressure and be prepared to repair or replace in the event of a puncture.
  • Safety features - Safety is always paramount, especially when riding on roads. So make sure you wear a helmet, and know how your brakes work. There are three types of brakes on e-scooters:
    1. Electric brakes — low maintenance but with long stopping distances
    2. Tyres — choose tyres that have a deep tread to negotiate loose or potholed ground
    3. Lights — useful in bad conditions to stay visible on the road

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