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Rocking Horses

A Classic Wood Rocking Horse will provide a warm traditional feel with lovely contemporary features to your home. The classical Rocking Horse has been around for years and will undoubtedly provide a focal point for your room leaving a long lasting impact.

Mounted on a pair of rockers, your child can sit on the horse and rock to and fro in a see saw movement, allowing them to enjoy endless hours of fun on these beautiful and classical toys whilst you can be sure that the Rocking Horse will prove to be safe and stable.

Aimed for little ones (whether a boy or girl), the bridle and friendly painted face finish offer a wonderful friendly rocking horse for your child.

The beautiful appearance of a Rocking Horse will prove to be the perfect life long toy. The body is constructed of natural solid wood with a smooth finish and the saddle is soft and moulded. The handles provide a great grip ensuring your children with extra confidence.

The stunning appearance alongside the wonderful rocking movement of the Rocking Horse will certainly become one of your child's favourite toys, and one that you can be sure to trust thanks to the safety features they have on offer.


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