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Allow you child to experience flying in the air whilst playing on their Toy Plane. At All Round Fun we offer a number of different designs that provide a great amount of contemporary features that will enhance the feel of flying an actual Aeroplane.

We cater Aeroplanes for children of a number of ages, so the youger ones can scoot along in their Plane by using their feet, whilst the older ones can use the pedals to control the Plane watching the propeller rotate as they pedal away.

Our Aeroplanes prove to have a number of play benefits for your children; younger ones will gain confidence with their coordination and balancing skills, whilst older ones will enhance their skills to control and coordinate.

The wonderful designs make these Toys extremely attractive, whilst the papped seat allows your children to spend hours of fun on it in comfort.

Featuring a wide range of retro designs and other, more contemporary designs, you can be sure to find the perfect Plane to suit your little one, guaranteeing them hours of fun whilst presenting a stunning appearance.

Climb on board and take it for a spin. 3-2-1 blast off! What a toy!