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Let your kids be the champions of the street with a brand new pedal go kart — they’ll adore racing their friends around the block. Stable and sturdy, you won’t need to worry about safety as these kids’ go karts make the perfect toy. Choose from wheel-operated karts or ones with handlebars to find  the perfect one for your child. Boy or girl, there’s plenty to discover, with yellow, red, green and blue go karts for them to enjoy — they can even pick their team’s colours!

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What should I look out for in a pedal go kart?

Your child’s go kart should:

  • Be age-appropriate
  • Be the right size for their body
  • Have high-quality joins
  • Have reliable safety features

How can my child stay safe on a go kart?

As with a lot of outdoor toys, safety is a parent’s primary concern. In order to ensure that your child rides safely, you should:

  • Ensure they wear a helmet
  • Instruct them to not ride on the roads and to stay away from traffic
  • Always supervise your child when playing outdoors
  • Maintain the go kart’s wheels
  • Ensure your child knows how to use the brakes and uses the seatbelts
  • Attach a flag or light to the top of the go kart to increase visibility to traffic and pedestrians

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