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Foot to Floor

Our range of fantastic Foot-To-Floor Ride on Toys will be a great companion for your children providing them with plenty of fun, excitement and physical exercise.

The great feature of our Foot-To-Floor toys is that your children will have to engage with the toy in order to create any sort of movement, allowing them to develop their coordination with their mental and physical abilities. The exciting designs will immediately grasp your child's attention.

We offer Foot-To-Floor Ride On Toys which enhance a rocking movement that will make these Toys provide endless hours of fun. Ones with front and rear antitip features have flat wheel guards ensuring a safe companion for fun journeys round the house or outside.

The handles will enhance your child's knowledge on balance whilst the rocking motion will keep your child active and concentrated on the movement, and the wheels will allow your children to spring themselves from one spot to the next by using their little feet whilst supported by the wheels.

At All Round fun we offer a wide range of Foot-To-Floor Toys that vary in designs and offer wonderful features such as Water Sprinklers and Ringing Bells, making these toys extremely interactive whilst requiring them to use their bodies to create any sort of movement, kepping them active and providing them with hours of fun.