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A Ride-On-Toy will prove to be your child's favourite toy. The excitement of getting behind the wheel and conducting themselves in their car will allow them to expand their imagination whilst gaining motor skills, independence and learning about spacial awareness. Our range of Toy Cars cater for children of almost all ages, from the youngest upwards.

For the youngest children, we stock foot to floor Ride-On Toys in a selection of fun styles that the kids will love, allowing them to run about and enjoy a safe ride in their car. These toys will be sure to keep your children active as they will be using the legs and feet to run along, whilst learning how to conduct and coordinate their Toy Car.

For the little thrill-seekers out there, we stock a range of electric Toy Cars that present a number of miniature classic and traditional cars. All of the electric Ride-On Toys have built-in maximum speeds so parents don’t have to worry about their youngsters getting into high speed chases. The simple to control rides help children enjoy their freedom whilst the wind blows through their hair and they learn to coordinate their feet in order to accelerate and move forward, or reverse.


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