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We have almost a hundred bikes, plus a full-faced play helmet, suitable for ages 3 and over, currently in stock. As you will see as you browse through this range, these bikes come in an assortment of sizes, for a variety of ages (both for children and adults), and specially designed bikes for both men and women, for girls and for boys. Here you will find; mountain bikes, unicycles, smaller bikes with stabilisers, BMXs, and jump bikes with 21 gears.

Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century in Europe, and now there are over a billion worldwide, twice as many as cars and other automobiles. Needless to say, bicycles have become very popular almost everywhere where they can be used. They are even used as the main transport method in many areas around the globe.

These various cycles can be used for various forms of recreation and leisure, such as; children's toys, general fitness, and some competitive bicycle racing. We have:

• Mountain bikes designed to manage dirt roads and off-road.

• Smaller bikes with non-slip pedals and stabilisers for learners.

• Unicycles in 2 different sizes, keeping children busy for hours and impressing friends with superb riding abilities once mastered.

• BMXs with stunt pegs, that can be used for fun, racing, and creating tricks and stunts to show to other riders and spectators.

• Sturdy jump bikes with Shimano gears and triple chainsets, for getting up the steepest hills, and reaching the fastest speeds.