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800gal Pools & Water Sports


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  • Bestway Flowclear 800gal Filter Pump

    This Bestway 800gal filter pump cleans your pool water of any debris and dirt that has bui...

    • For use with 1,100-17,400 L pools
    • 800 gal/hr pump flow capacity
    • 580 gal/hr integrated flow rate
    • Contains fitler and two flexible hoses with attachments
    • CE Approved

    Our Price: £39.95

    Next Day Free Delivery
  • Bestway 800 Gal Pool and Drain Pump

    The Bestway 800gal Pool and Drain Pump is an efficient Pool drain pump, providing an effic...

    • A quick and easy way to drain your pool automatically and conveniently
    • 220-240V ~ 50Hz, 85W
    • Pumps 800 gal/hr (3,028 L/hr)
    • Extra long drain hose (500cm x 3.2cm)
    • Includes adapters to connect garden hose

    Our Price: £49.95

    Next Day Free Delivery
  • Bestway Flowclear 800gal Sand Filter

    New for 2020 this generation of Sand Filters now includes a ChemConnect Dispenser that pro...

    • Pump Flow Rate: 800gal/hr (3028 litres/hr)
    • System Flow Rate: 2271 litres/hr
    • Suitable for use with 1100-18,100 litre pools
    • Pre-assembled for added convenience

    Our Price: £99.49


Pools & Water Sports

As we understand that a Pool needs looking after, at All Round Fun we offer a wide range of accessories that will enhance your pool greatly to make sure it maintains its long lasting promise.

We offer smooth and efficient Filter Pumps, Air Pumps to inflate and deflate your pool, Ground Cloths and many other accessories that will certainly make life with your Pool much easier. Our Maintenance Kits will also provide you with a simple and efficient solution for keeping your pool clean.

Pools require basic looking after, and at All Round Fun we provide the perfect kits to make the 'looking after' process easier. Easy to use products which are simple and fast to operate will undoubtedly maintain your pool clean and ready to use when you wish.

We stock a range of pool accessories to ensure that the whole experience is as enjoyable for you and your family and friends as possible. Filter cartridges help keep the water pure and clean, whilst pool heaters and solar covers ensure the water is at a more pleasurable temperature.

Whatever accessory it is that you need to maintain your Pool, we are sure to have it, guaranteeing you a wonderful Pool experience.