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Water Parks

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How to stay safe when using a water park

  • Always supervise your kids - Parents know how quickly kids can end up in sticky situations, so they should always be supervised in the paddling pool. Even if you step away for a minute to prepare some lunch, you should make sure the kids are out of the pool while you’re not there.
  • Check the water temperature - Filling up an inflatable pool with outdoor tap water will lead to a very cold playtime. Adding some hot kettle water can make the experience much more enjoyable. Just make sure you check that the temperature is comfortable before the kids jump in.
  • Select smaller, background decorations - Ensure that your larger decorations don’t feel isolated: back them up with smaller decorations placed around the garden. You can even arrange them in certain positions to draw the eye to a spooky tree, or perhaps even the front door, where trick-or-treaters can collect their spoils.
  • Get rid of slippery surfaces - Employ this classic rule of styling to your Halloween set up and you’re sure to guarantee an impactful display. Arrange your larger decorations alongside smaller ones in groups of three to draw attention to the one placed in the middle.
  • Focus on lighting - It doesn’t take much for the area around a paddling pool to get wet and slippery. Putting towels down or a bath mat will reduce the risk of your little ones slipping over. Or, you can go all out with an outdoor rug or rubber matting that can be put down around the pool.
  • Keep the water clean - Keeping the water and the paddling pool clean while in use is essential for your children’s safety. As there is no filtration system or chemicals added to the water, it’s easy for dirt, insects, debris, and germs to build up in the pool, so the water should be changed daily.

5 reasons why your kids need an outdoor water park this summer

  • It gets them outside - With all of the fun indoor entertainment available to them, it can be hard to encourage children to enjoy the great outdoors. Safe sun exposure and fresh air offer many benefits to your kids’ mental and physical health. Having a water park in their back garden is a simple and fun way to get them playing outside.
  • It encourages physical exercise - Getting your kids moving is just as important as encouraging them to spend time outdoors. Water parks with slides and bouncy castles attached to them will require lots of jumping, bouncing, and climbing. While the pool water isn’t usually very deep, walking through it and splashing around requires physical activity.
  • It makes them use their imagination - Encouraging your kids to use their imagination is vital for their development. It improves their social skills, builds self-confidence, and gives them the chance to work out their fears. Whether they’re playing in their outdoor water park alone or with other children, they can use their imagination to create an alternative world to have fun in.
  • It keeps them cool - The British summer can be difficult to deal with as the country is better equipped to deal with cold weather. Having an outdoor water park or inflatable can be a great way to keep you and your family cool during the warmer months. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the water park, then you should keep it in the shade and always apply sun cream to protect your children’s delicate skin from sunburn.
  • It improves family time - Whatever age your kids may be, spending time all together as a family is very important. It creates stronger emotional bonds between family members and creates unforgettable, treasured memories. While some inflatable water parks are more suitable for little humans, others can be enjoyed by adults too!

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