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Pool Accessories

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Is a circular or rectangular-shaped framed pool better for you?

  • Pool cover - A pool cover will keep dirt and debris out of your pool, reducing the need for skimming. If your pool has a water heater, a pool cover can retain the heat, reducing running costs.
  • Safety ladder - A pool safety ladder makes it easier and safer to enter and exit your pool. You can also remove the ladder from the pool to stop kids from accessing it when pool time is over.
  • Maintenance kits - While the filter takes care of the microscopic dirt, you can make cleaning the large debris off the surface of your pool easier with one of our pool maintenance kits.
  • Inflation pump - Whether you’ve got an inflatable water park or a fast set pool, having an inflation pump on hand will make setting up your swimming pool much easier.

How to keep your pool water clean

  • Maintain chemical levels - The key levels to monitor are chlorine and pH. This can be done using water test kits. Chlorine disinfects your water and makes it safe to swim in, but if levels are too high it can irritate the eyes and skin. The incorrect pH level can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine, encouraging organic matter to grow. The ideal pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6.
  • Clean your filters - Your pool filter will work hard and efficiently to remove microscopic dirt and debris from your pool water. To keep your filter working properly, you’ll need to clean it often. The amount it should be cleaned depends on the filter, but a general rule is to clean it every six months. Use your garden hose to spray down the cartridge and remove debris by hand.
  • Add algaecide weekly - Even if you maintain the right chlorine and pH levels, your pool water may need an extra hand to keep it crystal clear. You can avoid green or cloudy water and algae build up on your pool liner by treating your water with algaecide weekly. Algaecide kills organic matter in pool water, reducing the risk of large blooms.
  • Skim water daily - Skimming your water will remove organic materials like insects, leaves, and other debris from the surface of your pool. You can either manually skim your pool or install a surface skimmer to catch the large matter that your filter won’t remove. A pool cover can help to reduce the number of times you have to skim your pool water.
  • Test your water - Good water quality means your pool will look better and require less maintenance. Testing your water will allow you to see what your pool is lacking, or what needs to be reduced. You can assess your pool water with a water test kit. Once your test has revealed the results, you can treat your water using the chemicals it needs. It’s advised to test your water daily.

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