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Paddle Boards

Do you love water sports, or just spending time in the sea or ocean?

If you love the water, paddle boards are a great way to have fun or explore bodies of water while stretching your arms and legs, filling your lungs with fresh air or, if you’re that way inclined, getting some serious exercise.

While paddle boards can be used lying down or kneeling, the most common way for them to be used is standing up. Stand-up paddle (SUP) surfing is a type of boarding that originated in Hawaii and has become extremely popular in the rest of the world.

This is partly to do with the fact that paddle boarding is easily-learned and the boards aren’t too difficult to balance on. So much so, that SUP yoga and SUP fishing are both activities that are taking off.

The paddle is the boarder’s way of propelling themselves from A to B, but it’s also what helps them to balance. When the paddle is in the water, it helps to maintain the boarder’s balance.

Unlike surfboards, stand-up paddle boards are inflatable and easily transportable. They are significantly more lightweight than solid alternatives and can be stored away during the colder months. Inflatable SUPs are made of heavy-duty materials that are able to withstand long hours of use in the water.

Paddle boards were traditionally used as transport in between small islands, and they’re still used as a method of travelling short to medium distances across water. In some cases, people use paddle boards as a form of serious calorie-burning cardiovascular exercise, while others simply like it as a method of getting around and exploring waterways.

Here are All Round Fun, we offer a range of paddle boards that are all of exceptional quality, well reviewed and sought after, as well as competitively priced!

Each paddle board comes with the necessary accessories to get you up and running, a pump, and a repair kit in case your board comes into contact with a sharp object. With that said, all our inflatable SUPs are made of heavy duty, drop stitch material, and they don’t puncture easily.

If this sounds like your kind of water sport, take a look at our paddle boards and contact us on 0800 043 0437 with any questions.


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