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Frame Pools

At All Round Fun, we stock a great selection of Frame Pools that are perfect to spend a long, sunny summer’s day in. A favourite with the whole family, a Frame Pool is perfect for both relaxation and play.

The younger members of the family will enjoy splashing about and playing with water guns whilst staying refreshed in the warm sun. Just make sure that you apply plenty of sun cream, the reflective nature of water means that you are ever prone to burning whilst swimming and playing in a pool.

The very youngest however can benefit from this safe and slow introduction to swimming. The familiar surroundings and support of family members will help the youngest children stay comfortable whilst learning the basics of swimming and enjoying the water. These skills can then transfer to larger bodies of water and remove the stress of being thrown in the deep end.

But it’s not all about play, adults can enjoy the relaxing nature of the Frame Pool. There are few better ways to spend long, warm summer evenings than in a private pool with your loved ones, sharing a few long drinks.

All of the Frame Pools stocked by All Round Fun come with full instructions and everything you need to get outside and enjoy the waters.

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