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Frame Pools

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What are the advantages of frame pools over other above ground pools?

  • Very sturdy - The steel frame that’s built around a frame pool is very sturdy and supportive. This means that as long as the pool has been built on level ground, it’s less likely to have water spillover or sag to one side compared to other varieties. The stability can also make frame pools safer.
  • Low maintenance - Frame pools don’t require as much ongoing maintenance as other above ground pools. Once the metal panels have been locked in place, other than changing and checking your pool filters regularly, the need for ongoing maintenance will be very light.
  • More durable - One of the main advantages of frame pools is that they’re more durable and less prone to damage and leaks. This is due to the pool not relying on an inflatable ring for stability, which can deflate over time, and having a sturdy frame to support the pool water. You can read our swimming pool buying guide to learn more.

Is a circular or rectangular-shaped framed pool better for you?

  • Being social - For those who want to use their pools for casual swimming and lounging on hot days, then you should consider a rounded pool. The shape offers enough space to swim recreationally, and its round shape makes it easy to interact, talk, and play with everyone while lounging around the edge.
  • Swimming laps - Rectangular pools are best if you want to exercise and strengthen your swimming skills. The long shape provides lots of room for swimming laps and getting a good workout in. They’re also great for teaching your little ones how to become strong swimmers.
  • Saving space - Round pools provide plenty of water to splash and float around in without taking up much space in your garden. This is perfect for people who have a smaller garden or who just want to save space for decking, patio furniture, or other outdoor activities. While it’s more common to see rectangular pools, they do take up more space compared to round ones.
  • Playing games - If you want an outdoor pool to play games in, then a rectangular frame pool would be best for you. The shape of this pool mimics the shape of many playing courts and allows you to split your team or territory right down the middle, whether you want to play pool volleyball, tug of war, frisbee toss, or water basketball.

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