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Round Pools & Water Sports

Relax or add a splash of fun to your kids’ day in a round pool from All Round Fun. Whether you’re after a pool that has a quick and easy set-up, or one that’s sturdy and built to last, you’ll be able to find a round fast set or metal frame pool to suit your needs. These pools come in a range of sizes and a variety of designs, so you’ll be able to find the right fit for your garden.

Round pools have something to offer all the family. They provide a safe and secure area for your kids to practice swimming, and the round shape makes them great for socialising with friends. We have a range of pool accessories to help you take care of your pool. Or if you’d prefer a lower-maintenance pool solely for relaxation, then a hot tub is the one for you! Shop the range at All Round Fun.

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Frame vs fast set round pools


Both frame and fast set pools are above-ground varieties, meaning they’re both easy to construct and deconstruct. Only 1-2 adults are required to build these kinds of pools (depending on the size and style of the pool). But which one is easier? Fast set pools are renowned for being one of the easiest pools to set up. All you need to do is flatten and clear the surface you plan to set up the pool, inflate the ring and fill up the pool with water. Whereas a frame pool will require you to flatten and clear the ground and construct a frame before lining the pool and filling it up with water. This usually requires at least 2 people.


The size of your desired pool will play a big part in which type is best for you. If you’re after something smaller, a fast set pool would be best for you, as they’re very easy to construct, takedown and upgrade if you decide you want a larger pool later on.
However, if you’re after a larger round pool to start with, then a frame pool is highly recommended over a fast set pool. This is because they tend to come in larger sizes and are sturdier structures, allowing them to safely hold larger volumes of water compared to fast set pools.


If you need a pool that is strong and sturdy and won’t crumble under extreme weather conditions or frequent/heavy use, then a frame pool would be best for you. While small fast set pools can be strong, they’re more likely to tear if they’re used often by groups of people/children or through weather damage.
While a frame pool is much stronger and would be able to tolerate these conditions a lot better than a fast set pool, investing in a pool cover to protect the structure and your pool water from filling up with debris is highly recommended.


We have a wide range of styles and designs for both fast set and frame pools. However, if you’re looking for a pool that looks a bit more refined and luxurious, then a frame pool would be the best choice for you. While some fast set pools are well-designed, it’s usually easier to find frame pool designs that blend in with the style of the garden or the surrounding greenery.
If you’re looking for a pool that has a bright, fun and quirky design, then a fast set pool may be your best bet. Ultimately the pool that looks the best will be determined by the buyers' personal preference and garden style.

5 pool accessories your round pool needs:

  • Dome cover – A simple yet effective way to protect the structure of your pool from weather damage and to reduce the maintenance of your pool water, as it keeps out dirt and debris.
  • Pool accessory kit – Contains a variety of equipment to help you clean and maintain your above-ground swimming pool water and repair the structure.
  • Safety pool ladder – Comes in a variety of sizes to meet the height of your pool. The sole purpose is to improve the safety of swimmers when they enter and exit the swimming pool.
  • Deluxe Maintenance kit – Similar to the pool accessory kit, the deluxe maintenance kit provides a simple and easy way to remove debris, bugs and rubbish from pool water, as well as grime and slime.
  • Floor protector – Provides a soft ground surface that will protect the bottom of your pool from tears and leaks caused by damage and debris.

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