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Oval-shaped Pools & Water Sports

If you enjoy swimming laps in the pool or you like to play volleyball with friends and family, our oval swimming pool range will have something that works for you. These Bestway oval pools are constructed with metal frames, which are corrosion resistant and weather-proof. Alongside the Tri-Tech material lining of the pool, this makes them a strong and sturdy addition to your back garden.

Oval pools are a desirable shape to have due to their versatility and compactness. They come in a range of sizes to suit your needs and the dimensions of your back garden. Whether you want to practice swimming and snorkelling with the kids or take a dip to cool off after sunbathing on your sun lounger, you’ll be able to have fun in the sun with an oval-shaped pool from All Round Fun.

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5 advantages of owning an above-ground oval-shaped pool


An oval above-ground pool is a much more cost-effective option compared to an in-ground equivalent. This is mainly due to the installation costs associated with in-ground pools. The strong buttress structure of an oval pool alongside the desirable appearance means they can be more expensive than a standard round pool, but the durability and the room it provides will outweigh the costs.

Easy to build and remove

While above-ground pools don’t add value to the home, they’re perfect for people who plan on moving their swimming pool around or those who don’t own the land they’re building on. Above-ground pools are easy to construct and deconstruct, which means you can put them away during the winter months. This will increase their lifespan and keep the pool in good condition for years to come.

Low maintenance

Unless it’s poorly positioned under a tree, the elevated feature of these pools makes it harder for dirt and debris to get in the water. Regardless of this, above-ground pools are easy to maintain and a protective cover will reduce maintenance even more. Most oval pools come with a water pump and/or filter, which along with the right chemicals and water tests, will keep the pool water clean and safe.

Looks good and offers length

The unique shape of an oval pool is attractive and practical. As well as looking aesthetically pleasing in your back garden and offering a good amount of space to swim and place, the curved edges of the oval shape actually make the pool more compact than a rectangular pool of the same size. This means it requires less room to set up and less water to fill it up while providing the same amount of swim space.

A safe option

Above-ground pools are generally much safer than in-ground pools. This is because young children are less likely to fall into the pool by accident, they’re not too deep, and the ladder can be removed to prevent little ones from accessing the pool when it’s not in use. The secure ladders and the design of the pools make it easier for swimmers to get in and out safely. It’s also easier to supervise children in an oval-shape pool.

What size is best for you?

Here is a list of Bestway oval pool sizes available, so you match your needs and garden size with the right size pool.

  • 10ft x 6ft – Perfect family size or children’s pool. Makes a great addition to smaller gardens without taking up too much space and still providing plenty of room to splash about.
  • 14ft x 8ft – Great pool for larger families with medium-sized gardens that can accommodate this pool. Offers a decent amount of space to swim and play pool games.
  • 16ft x 10ft – Perfect for large families or small groups of adults with medium/large gardens. Holds a sizable volume of water and provides plenty of room to swim and socialise.
  • 18ft x 9ft – Ideal choice for those who want a large pool with slightly more length than width. This pool size is great for swimming laps and for playing pool games with friends and family.
  • 20ft x 12ft – Suitable for people with a very big garden. This sizable pool can hold a large group of adults and children. It’s great for pool parties and those who want to swim laps.
  • 24ft x 12ft – The biggest above-ground oval-shaped pool available. Holds an incredible volume of water and makes the perfect pool for pool parties, pool games and swimming lessons. If you're looking for something even bigger, our rectangular pools go up to 31ft.

To learn more about which pool would be right for you and your garden, take a look at our swimming pool buying guide.

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