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Our Dinghy's are premium inflatable boats that inflate and deflate very easily, whilst guaranteeing you a high standard of fun and relaxing water times.

Offering stylish designs and wonderful, vibrant colours, find a Dinghy that suits you and your preferences best.With round grab ropes, oar clasps and high quality construction, our dinghy's wont fail to fulfill your needs in order to have a thrilling water experience.

Our Dinghys are small and open boats that will undoubtedly provide you and others with a pleasurable water experience whilst providing you with a great amount of security. Making sure your water experience is the most fun and safest possible.

Why not get involved in some Dinghy Racing with family and friends? The competitive sport of sailing Dinghies will enhance your tactical and strategic skills in order to get ahead of the game and win. Those shared challenges will make Dinghy Racing a fascinating and rewarding recreational sport: physically, mentally and in terms of personal relationships with other crew members and competitors.

A Dinghy will prove to be the perfect addition to your belongings as it will provide you and others with hours of fun and a guaranteed mental and physical challenge.


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