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Hydro Force Pools & Water Sports

Jump in and ride the waves of the sea or peacefully explore the great outdoors on calm waters with the Hydro Force water sports range at All Round Fun. From kayaks and paddleboats to paddleboards and surfboards, you’ll be able to find the equipment you need to get stuck into a wide range of water-based activities and refine your skills.

Our versatile range of equipment is made from strong and durable tri-tech materials and light and stable inflatable PVC, which make them the perfect choice for both beginner and advanced levels. If you want to become more comfortable in the water, install a Bestway pool in your garden so you can practice swimming in private! Are water sports not for you? Why not get fit by trampolining instead? 

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Tips for paddleboard beginners

Paddleboarding has become increasingly popular over recent years. It’s best enjoyed in the sea, but it can also be practised in rivers and lakes. It’s a fun way to work and tone your entire body while refining your balance and coordination skills. This sport isn’t easy to start with and requires a lot of practice, so here are tips for paddleboard beginners.

Choosing your board

  • Your weight – The most important factor to consider. The higher the volume a board has, the more weight it can support. If you go for a board that has a weight capacity that’s too low, your ride will become an unstable drag.
  • Your height – When it comes to board functionality, height is less important than weight, but your height will play a big part in the right paddles for you. Your paddles should extend 8-10 inches above your head, but the majority of paddles are adjustable so work for most heights.
  • Board length - Most paddleboards are between 10 and 11 inches long, which works for the majority paddleboarders. What you plan to do with your board will influence the ideal length. For example, shorter boards are more agile for choppy waters, whereas longer boards are best for touring and going long distances.
  • Beginner boards - Your first board should be 31 inches or more in width and should have a volume that will support your weight. An inflatable board is a perfect choice for all paddleboarding skill levels. It’s also a very stable choice, making it great for beginners.

Standing up in the water

  • Walk into the water until it’s knee-deep.
  • Place your knee on either side of the centre handle (the middle of your paddleboard).
  • Stand up onto the board one foot at a time, while keeping your eyes looking forward.
  • Start paddling as soon as you can, this will help you gain momentum and stability.

Pulling up to the dock:

  • Face your feet to the side you want to go.
  • Reach and plant your paddle deep into the water with the blade parallel to the rail.
  • Pull your paddle towards the board.
  • Slide the blade out of the water by swinging it towards the tail of the board.
  • Repeat this stroke until you approach the dock.

Other water sports to try out this summer:

If you don’t like the sound of paddle boarding but you’d like to try out other water sports this summer, here are some activities to consider:

  • Paddleboat fishing – Perfect for people who are looking to participate in a calm and rewarding sport that requires stealth and patience. Unlike regular fishing boats, paddleboats are quiet and don’t cause as much disturbance to the water, making it easier to catch bigger and more beautiful fish.
  • Surfing – Great for strong swimmers who aren’t afraid of being knocked around in the sea. This sport requires a lot of patience and practice, but the results make it worthwhile. If you’re a beginner, start practising in beginner spots and watch the surf before trying it out yourself.
  • Kayaking – A fun and relaxing sport that allows you to paddle around at your own pace and take in your beautiful surroundings. Kayaks are much smaller vessels than canoes, making it easier to explore a variety of locations. This sport can be done alone or with friends.
  • Rafting – The best water sport for adrenaline junkies, rafting involves travelling down a river on an inflatable raft while racing another team. Some rivers can be very dangerous for rafters, so get advice from experts and follow the necessary safety procedures before trying out new waters.

With the hydro force range at All Round Fun, you’ll be able to find all of the high-quality equipment you need to participate in the above sports.

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