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Plastic Playhouses

Plastic Playhouses


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Plastic Playhouses

Our plastic playhouses ('Playhouses' sometimes being referred to as 'Wendy houses') can vary from a plastic assembly kit, to something resembling a real house in a child's size. These playhouses are durable, long lasting, can withstand fluctuating weather conditions, and yet can be found here at very competitive prices.

We offer such a varied selection here that we can guarantee you will find what both you and your child are looking for. Here are just a few examples of the vast selection we have on offer for you:

• Playhouses that come with slides for your children to whizz down in excitement.

• Playhouses with changeable themes to further increase longevity.

• Themes that include; princess, country cottage, picnic, castle, and town.

• Two storey playhouses with multiple rooms, and features such as a ringing bell, living area, barbecue and kitchen.

These playhouses allow your child's/childrens' imagination to flourish, and make for a great social hub for children to engage with each other. Safety features include ground fixings to keep the playhouse stable, and rounded corners to drastically reduce the chance of nasty bumps. They are manufactured by companies that have built themselves reputations for producing quality goods over the years, such as; Little Tikes, Smoby, Paradiso and Winnie The Pooh.