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Playhouses & Play Tents

Our 'Playhouses & Play Tents' section is divided into 4 categories; Playhouse accessories, wooden playhouses, plastic playhouses, and play tents.

Playhouse accessories contain Garden Games floors for the Whacky and Crooked Mansion playhouses. These are safe playing surfaces for your children to use, and are made from sustainable, pressure treated, Forest Standards Committee certified wood.

Here you will also find quite an extensive variety of wooden playhouses. From small playhouses of various colours and themes, to big fortresses, Cinderella, and tower slide designs, this is a complete selection. Many of these wooden playhouses also contain ladders and slides, and all are also built using FSC certified wood.

Plastic playhouses are built to last both indoors and outdoors. Made using the latest innovations in production, plastic is mostly blow moulded and UV treated, and always made applying PVC of the highest quality. Various features included in our plastic playhouse range to keep your children entertained include; slides, swings, and playhouses with multiple rooms, storeys, and themes (such as princess and castle themes).

Included in our play tents are; quilts to keep the younger children comfortable while playing, waterproof wigwams that can be left outside in the rain without any weather damage, hanging tents, and also large themed playhouses and pavilions, all providing venues for your childrens' imaginations to be let loose.