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Brown Outdoor Play


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  • Plum Discovery Create and Paint Easel

    Plum Discovery Create and Paint Easel will let your little ones discover their messy play ...

    • Easy clean painting screen
    • Paint and plant holders
    • Built in planter for mini potted garden
    • Bamboo Wind Chimes
    • Pre-drilled and flat-packed

    Our Price: £159.95

    Next Day Free Delivery
  • Plum Childrens Teepee Hideaway

    Transform your Plum Children's Teepee Hideaway into an unique den, with a customised paint...

    • Five-year guarantee against failure due to rot
    • Assembly time: Two adults approx three hours
    • Max user weight: 50kg

    Our Price: £229.95


Outdoor Play

The great outdoors. It’s been the primary playground of children for decades, and its appeal never seems to fade. While outdoor spaces are perfect for imaginative play, sometimes a bit of equipment helps to boost the fun and make playtime even more enjoyable. Our outdoor play collection is full of slides, seesaws, inflatables, and playhouses that can do just that – helping kids to explore their imagination and creativity.

From sports equipment like football nets that encourage exercise to sand pits and picnic tables that offer sensory experiences, not all play equipment is purely for fun, it can be productive too. Some garden play equipment can aid your child’s mental and physical development.

However, we do also stock a range of toys that are designed purely to make your child happy, with multi-level playhouses, outdoor easels, and inflatable slides making playtime extra special. Giving kids the chance to enjoy themselves in their own garden is sure to make weekends and school holidays more fun for everyone.

Browse our range today to find the perfect outdoor play toys or equipment for your garden, and make sure that you’re giving your kids the best play experiences of their lives in their own backyard.