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Picnic Tables

The picnic tables we have can be used for dining, resting, doing crafts, for the children to interact with each other, and more. We have tables designed for fun and games, and tables designed more specifically for picnics. Many of our picnic tables can also be used indoors when it is desired to have attached seating to tables.

Varieties of picnic tables we currently stock consist of:

• Blow molded plastic picnic tables, which are becoming increasingly popular due to being light, strong, cheap, and requiring no maintenance. These are durable tables that are built to last.

• Wooden tables that are constructed using lumber boards. Protection for the wood (stain, paint, or wood protectant that repels water) has already been applied during manufacturing to protect from cracking, warping, or rotting due to moisture.

• Tables that have been pressure treated. Pressure treated timber provides long lasting protection from fungal and insect attacks, and rot also due to weather damage.

• Tables with built in board games and storage boxes.

• Tables with parasols to provide vital protection for your children from harmful UV rays.

• Themed tables (such as a table themed on the 'Winnie the Pooh' children's book and television series.)

All wooden tables are manufactured from sustainable sources and are FSC certified.


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