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Hot Tub Accessories

Our hot tub accessories give you everything you need to maintain your personal spa, and more.

We provide all the equipment necessary to throw the perfect pool party, supplying everything from the essential hot tub drinks holder to LED floating lights, which are guaranteed to impress.

The last thing you want is your hot tub getting into a state of damage or disrepair, and you can easily avoid this with the right accessories.

Our hot tub covers are designed to keep your spa in pristine condition when you’re not using it, helping to avoid any nasty surprises. For your benefit, they are all clearly labelled for which brands and models they are suitable for.

If you’re worried about protecting yourself from the sun or wind when relaxing in the tub, treat yourself to a hot tub canopy, which will give you some privacy and shade.

If you need any more guidance or have any questions about our inflatable hot tub accessories, get in touch with our experts who are always happy to help. 

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