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Folding Garden Furniture

Folding garden furniture is a practical and stylish addition to your garden, patio, and even your balcony. Depending on the set, both the table and chairs can be folded up, which is incredibly handy for small spaces, transporting your furniture, and storing it away during harsh weather conditions.

We have 2 and 4-seater sets that come in a variety of colours and designs. Follow the sunshine with these easy-to-move sets and if you want some shade, we have a fantastic range of gazebos and canopies to choose from. Whether you prefer a natural material like wood or a strong set made from cast iron, we have the folding garden furniture for you at All Round Fun.

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How to choose the right garden furniture material

  • Metal - Aluminium and steel are common metals used for folding outdoor furniture. Aluminium is recommended as it’s lightweight and has more resistance to corrosion and rusting compared to other metals. Whereas steel is heavier and more prone to rust, it’s also strong and sturdy. Steel furniture is perfect for tables and chairs that need to withstand heavy loads.
  • Wood - Wood used for outdoor folding furniture needs to be strong and resistant as well as nice to look at. A durable wood of good quality should be able to resist outdoor elements and decay. Teak is a close-grained type of hardwood that is highly recommended for outdoor folding furniture, as it’s strong, long-lasting, and pest and weather resistant.
  • Wrought iron - Due to the fact it can be folded away and moved around with ease, folding garden furniture needs to be able to withstand more wear and tear compared to fixed garden furniture. The attractive appearance, alongside the durability, of wrought iron furniture makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Care and maintenance advice for folding furniture

Like all kinds of outdoor and indoor furniture, regular care and maintenance will increase the lifespan of your folding garden furniture. Some tips on care and maintenance include:

  • Clean the furniture when the weather and furniture are dry using hot soapy water.
  • Gently scrub the furniture with a large sponge to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Rinse off the furniture with hot soapy water and dislodge debris with a hose.
  • Allow the furniture to dry naturally in the sun.
  • Avoid the use of a pressure washer as this can damage the folding mechanisms.
  • Lubricate moving parts with suitable mineral oil every 2-4 months or when stiff.
  • Fold and unfold the furniture after oiling as this allows the oil to work itself into the parts.
  • Store the furniture away during the colder months to reduce wear and tear.

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