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Water Features

Add a unique and eye-catching finish to your outdoor space with a water feature. Not only do they look great, but they also offer a sense of peace and tranquillity so you can sit back on your outdoor rocking chair and feel one with your surroundings. They’re also a lovely way to give back to your local wildlife, who can feed, drink, and bathe in and around them.

We have a fantastic range of designs to suit your preferences and match the style of your outdoor furniture. Water features are beautiful additions to any outdoor space, but it’s crucial that you learn a bit more about how they work and how to keep them clean before you invest in one. Browse our collection of outdoor water features at All Round Fun.

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How do water features work?

All water features work in a similar way:

  • There’s a reservoir of water that has a pump and a sump (also known as a drainage pump).
  • The pump moves water up a pipe.
  • Gravity brings water back into the reservoir, which is drained by the sump.

3 ways to take care of your water feature

  • Deep clean regularly - Deep cleaning your water feature will keep the water clear and will reduce the chances of damage to the pumps. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions when deep cleaning your water feature to avoid breaking it. You will also need to consider the material your water feature is made from so you can choose the right tools to clean it.
  • Keep algae away - You can keep algae out of your water feature by staying on top of things. Prevention is key and is much less work than trying to fix the problem. To stop algae from building up, you should add wildlife-friendly algaecide to your water source to kill any algae present and to prevent growth in clean water. The position of your water source will also affect algae production, for example, sunshine encourages algae growth, so putting your water feature in a shady area is best.
  • Don’t use bleach - You should always use wildlife-friendly products to clean and maintain your water feature. One chemical you must avoid is bleach. Not only is this harmful to the ecosystem, but it can also put your pets, children, and other family members at risk if they come into contact with the water. Using bleach in a water feature also damages the pumps as they’re not designed to deal with it. It can also corrode and stain many designs, including those made from stone and stainless steel.

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