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Halloween Decorations

Transform your home into a spooky haunted house with these fantastic inflatable halloween decorations. Create a Halloween wonderland complete with outdoor decorations like pumpkins, ghosts, vampires and mummies.

Light up your local area with LED string lights, perfect for enticing trick or treaters, or if you really want to put fear into the neighbourhood, choose some really spooky outdoor Halloween decorations like skulls, gravestones or zombies — all with light up features.

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How to create a Halloween garden hellscape

  • Choose a theme - Whether it’s a scary graveyard, a witches’ cave or a vampire’s lair, choose the theme of your outdoor decorations and go with it. Rather than finding piecemeal accessories, a unified theme ensures a big impact by taking your visitors on a terrifying journey through your garden.
  • Choose a large, focal decoration - Whatever the theme of your garden, be sure to choose a large decoration that can be the focal point of the area. Light up Halloween decorations or decorations with moving parts are particularly effective: you want to make people jump!
  • Select smaller, background decorations - Ensure that your larger decorations don’t feel isolated: back them up with smaller decorations placed around the garden. You can even arrange them in certain positions to draw the eye to a spooky tree, or perhaps even the front door, where trick-or-treaters can collect their spoils.
  • Arrange in groups of three - Employ this classic rule of styling to your Halloween set up and you’re sure to guarantee an impactful display. Arrange your larger decorations alongside smaller ones in groups of three to draw attention to the one placed in the middle.
  • Focus on lighting - Lighting will make or break your display, so as well as LED string lights, invest in projector lights or light up decorations in order to draw your visitors’ attention around the garden. A skull with glowing red eyes or a witch with a light-up crystal ball will scare your guests into oblivion. Perfect!
  • Add spooky sound - It’s important that your Halloween garden display is an assault on all of the senses, so plug in your sound system and choose some outdoor speakers to play creaking noises, owl calls or screams. If things get a bit too intense, you can always cool off with your favourite Halloween playlist.

Halloween decorations

Create a horrifying world of bewitchment in your garden year after year with our range of outdoor Halloween decorations. Whether you’re dressing up your home for a party or just want to impress your kids, there’s something for everyone in our range.

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