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Garden Mirrors

Garden mirrors make a lovely and unique addition to your outdoor space. They’re great at transforming the appearance of your garden while adding light and dimension. From church-style windows to white rustic garden mirrors, you’ll be able to find a style, size, and colour that suits the theme and shape of your back garden. 

Garden mirrors also add a sense of calm and tranquillity to your outdoor space. You can enjoy your new garden feature on a comfortable and luxurious corner lounge or dining set when hosting alfresco dinner parties or BBQs. And don’t be afraid to make your garden an extension of your home by adding a range of garden accessories to it. Shop the range at All Round Fun.

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3 advantages of adding a mirror to your garden

  • Increases light - Garden mirrors can be positioned to reflect light to dark corners of your garden or areas that don’t receive any, or much, direct sunlight. A brighter garden allows you to have fun in the outdoors without the need for artificial lighting for longer periods of time. It also makes it a nicer place to spend time in general, encourages plant growth, and adds value to your home.
  • Adds dimension - Everyone loves a spacious garden to spend time in. While making your garden physically bigger isn’t doable for most households, you can add dimension with a garden mirror. A large full-length mirror can be used to add the illusion of space in your garden. When they’re positioned at ground level, it can make it look like a doorway to another outdoor area.
  • A unique feature - Finally, putting up a garden mirror in your outdoor space adds an attractive, unique feature that will be noticed and admired by all of your guests and visitors. Unique features make your home special and make it stand out. Garden mirrors can create a homely vibe to your back garden, which will influence the mood of the people spending time out there.

Garden mirror safety tips

Some people are concerned about safety when it comes to garden mirrors, which is understandable. When they aren’t set up correctly, they can become a danger to wildlife, a hazard, or could be at risk of damage. Here are some garden mirror safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Only use mirrors created for outdoor use - These will be designed to stand up to the elements, from sunny spells to icy winds.
  • Choose acrylic or glass to suit you - Reflective acrylic is safer, stronger, and more cost-effective. On the other hand, glass can be more expensive but better quality, frost and heat proof, and more attractive.
  • Don’t place in a position that could be dangerous to birds - When you put up your mirror, make sure you don’t place it in an area or position that will impact bird flight, like high up or on an open fence.
  • Avoid too much direct sunlightNever place your garden mirror in areas of your garden that get long periods of direct sunlight. While fire is unlikely, there is a small possibility it can happen and the sunlight can cause cracks in your mirror.

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