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Bistro Sets

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Bistro Sets

Whether it’s breakfast in the sun or cocktails in the evening, our bistro sets from All Round Fun will help you to enjoy outdoor living. Our small outdoor tables and chairs are ideal for placement on your patio or balcony for a taste of al fresco dining during the warmer months. Whether you require extra outdoor seating for occasional use or decide to use your new garden bistro set every day, these lightweight and easy to store pieces of garden furniture are just what you need for the summer.

Usually consisting of two outdoor chairs and a small table, bistro sets are a fantastic way to add personality to your garden. Choose a foldable bistro set for something that’s easy to store away in bad weather or over the winter months. Available in wood and metal, they’re the perfect piece of garden furniture for your patio or balcony. Shop online today at All Round Fun.

How to style your bistro set

Choose complementary colours

Is your garden more country cottage than sleek and modern? And what colour dominates the space? Choosing complementary colours is important to ensuring that your patio set sits well within your outdoor space. If you have a large lawn, why not choose a set in red or orange to make it stand out? Or if you have mediterranean style planting, black would set the garden off nicely.

Make it comfortable

Whilst your bistro set might be exactly what you need for the garden, make sure you use it by accessorising your outdoors with cushions, throws and perhaps even an outdoor rug. Create a space that’s ideal for entertaining and somewhere that you’ll want to spend time. Choosing soft textures and warm colours is a great way to create a patio with the ‘wow’ factor.

Dress it for the evening

There’s nothing like relaxing outside with friends after a long day. So make sure that the party can continue even after the sun goes down by adding outside lighting and a firepit. That way, you can bring the warmth and cosiness of the indoors onto your balcony in a way that suits your style.


Which bistro set should I choose?

The type of bistro set that you want, will depend on your space requirements, and how you intend to use your patio area. If you want to be able to sit at your bistro set to eat, you should choose a standard height table and chairs that are comfortable to eat from. If you’re simply looking to create a space in the garden where you can relax in the sun, a lounger patio set could be ideal. Similarly, the material that you choose is also important.

Can I leave a bistro set outside?

Just like any other type of patio furniture, a bistro set needs to be adequately cared for in order for it to last years into the future. At the end of the day, remember to cover your bistro set with a tarp or chair cover to ensure that water doesn’t cause damage. Similarly, over winter, you may want to store your bistro set away so that when summer comes around again, it’s ready to use.

Where should I place the bistro set?

The correct placement of the bistro set is vital to you enjoying it properly. Make sure that you put it on a hard surface like concrete, decking or paving so that it doesn’t sink into the ground when in use. You should also think about the sun on your patio: would you prefer to sit in direct sunlight, or to have a bit of shade? Luckily, one of the best things about small patio sets is that they are simple to move around. So whatever your decision, you can easily change your mind.

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