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children bouncing on a trampoline

Trampoline Buying Guide

children bouncing on a trampoline

A Trampoline is great fun for all the family and also offers a whole range of benefits including stimulated metabolism, increased oxygen capacity, improved balance, and muscle toning.

A high quality, durable trampoline from All Round Fun will be an investment for a home, being popular with kids and adults for years to come and providing hours upon hours of healthy entertainment.

Before buying a trampoline, however, it’s important to assess your garden to make sure that it’s suitable. Trampolines must be placed on a level surface, away from any overhead obstacles such as other play equipment and trees. On top of considering the size of the trampoline that you’re going to buy, it’s also important to think about the clearance that you’ll need around the trampoline’s full perimeter – we suggest 2-3 feet.

What is the best trampoline for our family?

Trampolines come in all manner of shapes and styles, with different types of trampoline better suiting certain users, purposes, and garden sizes.

Child bouncing on a trampoline
Round Trampoline

Circular trampolines are the most popular type and often provide the best value as well. Available in a range of different sizes, at All Round Fun you can buy small round trampolines with a diameter of 3-6 foot, or large trampolines up to 15 feet in size. The spring tension in round trampolines mean that users will be able to bounce in the middle easily – making them perfect for beginners.

Rectangle Trampoline

You may be familiar with seeing rectangular trampolines at the gym or sports centre, as they’re often associated with professional use. In recent years, they’ve become widely available for home use too. Rectangular trampolines are perfect for smaller gardens, as they won’t dominate the lawn area.

Child jumping on rectangle trampoline
Childing jumping on Oval trampoline
Oval Trampoline

Oval trampolines represent the best of both worlds. With a big surface area, there’s plenty of space to jump, so they’re perfect for families of one or more children that will want to bounce at the same time. With all the benefits of round trampolines, oval trampolines also save space so you’re able to keep an area of the garden for dining or planting.

In Ground Trampolines

In ground trampolines aren’t for everyone, but their safety benefits should at least make them a serious consideration. Fitted into a hole in the ground, these trampolines will merge with the landscaping of your garden, and they won’t obscure your view. Users will be able to walk on and off easily, creating a seamless experience. In ground trampolines are perfect for people looking for a trampoline with a bit of a difference.

In ground Trampoline

Trampoline Size Guide

3-6ft trampoline

About as small as trampolines get. Suitable for small gardens with young children under six and make for a great beginning size.

7-10ft trampoline

Suitable for small/medium gardens and 2-3 young children at a time. 7-10ft trampolines are commonly found in suburban gardens.

11-14ft trampoline

Best for medium gardens with 2-3 older children. Lots of room to bounce means these are also great for acrobatic trampolinists.

15ft trampoline

The best choice for medium/large gardens with room at a surplus and 2-3 children or adults.

How can I keep my kids safe on the trampoline?

  • Always supervise children when they’re using the trampoline
  • Ensure that the user weight isn’t exceeded
  • Consider buying a trampoline with an included enclosure so that children are caught before they fall off
  • Users should stay away from the springs and bounce in the middle
  • Consider buying a trampoline cover to prevent sun or rain exposure, and in high winds, partially disassemble the trampoline
  • Keep an eye out for rusty springs or a mat wearing through

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