Child being pushed on swing set

Swing Set Buying Guide

Child being pushed on swing set

Choosing a swing set can be an overwhelming task – with so much choice, it’s hard to know where to begin! This handy guide to buying a swing set for your garden will help you to determine the factors that will make the decision. Whether it’s size, material or price that will affect your choice, don’t worry – there’s something in our collection to suit every taste.

Here at All Round Fun we stock a range of exciting outdoor swing sets from reliable brand names such as Plum, Hedstrom and TP Toys. Each outdoor swing is ideal for children and is made from high quality materials to ensure they last for years. A high-quality swing set is the perfect companion for your child’s playtime.

What is the best swing set for our family?

When preparing to buy a swing set, there will likely be a few things on your mind. The first and most obvious question that you should consider is whether your garden is big enough. Swing sets should have adequate surrounding room for the swing seat to reach its apex on each side, as well as space for children, adults, and pets to enjoy the garden around it.

single swing

Single Swing

There are several reasons to choose a single swing for your garden. Whether you have an only child or just a small garden, a single swing could be the perfect option. Swing sets with just one seat are available in a range of sizes and so can suit children from toddler age all the way up to teens. No matter what age your children are, however, a high-quality single swing from All Round Fun will be a hit for years to come.

Double Swing

Double swings are perfect for families with two or more children as they maximise play space. Even if there’s only one child in the family, a double swing allows a parent to join in with the fun and flexibly allows visiting friends to play as well. If your children are different ages, each swing is height adjustable to ensure that little ones can play safely alongside their elder siblings.

Double swing

What style of swing would work best in the garden?

Because swing sets can become a long-term fixture in the garden whilst your children are growing up, choosing the right one is an important decision. Whether you go for a metal or wooden swing set, All Round Fun have chosen a variety of high-quality swings from reputable brands so that you rest assured your kids are playing safely.

Children playing on Metal Swing set

Metal swing set

Metal swing sets are generally cheaper than wooden ones and have the added benefit of not weathering quite so quickly. They are usually constructed from steel for durability and strength and are available in a variety of colours.

Powder coated finishes prevent rust, but a metal swing set may still need general maintenance from time to time to repair chips and scratches to the metal. Another reason to choose a metal swing set is because of the ease of the build. The hollow metal parts are lighter than solid counterparts, so metal sets are much more convenient for a lone parent to assemble.

Wooden Swing Sets

Wooden swing sets have a natural beauty that is perfect for more traditional gardens, and they’re often treated to prevent fungus and insects. However, they can require maintenance to stain and preserve the wood as, otherwise, they may be prone to fading, splitting or warping over time.

Wooden swing sets are generally made from high quality timber: either pine, redwood or cedar, and are likely to be more difficult to assemble than metal due to the weight of the wood. They do have a great natural look, however, and are just as strong as metal sets.

Child playing on wooden swing set

What type of swing should we choose?

Buying a swing set will significantly alter your children’s playtime for the better, so when it comes to choosing exactly which piece to buy, it’s important to consider all the options.

Whilst swing sets are still the most popular option for outdoor play, there’s a variety of options to choose from in order to maximise the time that your kids spend in the garden. From outdoor playsets, playcentres and nest swings, as well as ladder and rope swings, our high-quality offering at All Round Fun represents the best in outdoor playsets.

children playing on a outdoor playset

Outdoor playset

An outdoor playset is ideal for encouraging playing outside and, in the warmer months, kids will love using the structure for physical and imaginative play. Outdoor playsets usually contain a swing as well as other play equipment such as a slide, rock climbing wall, rope swing or tower. They’re great for larger families as they offer plenty of room for kids to play together.

Nest swing

Nest swings are most commonly seen in children’s playgrounds but are also perfect for use in the garden. The versatility of nest swings makes them more likely to be used as the kids get older, and the large seat means that two or three children can swing at once.

Stand up, sit, or lie down, even add blankets and a book on a summer’s evening, and a nest swing will add a whole new dimension to your garden. Nest swings are also the perfect swing for children with certain special needs as the swinging motion can teach children spatial awareness.

Children playing on Nest Swing

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