Child and parent playing in playhouse

Playhouse Buying Guide

Child and parent playing in playhouse

A Playhouse is a great way to encourage imaginative play in the garden, and with the right care they will last for years. These simple outdoor shelters provide a blank canvas for your child’s imagination. One day the Wendy house is a fort, the next it’s a princess’s palace.

At All Round Fun, our high-quality selection of playhouses will make your decision an easy one. Made from solid wood, they’re easy to put together and even easier to customise. Most importantly, they’ll stand the test of time. As your child grows older, take away the play kitchen and replace it with beanbags. In the winter, it can even double as a storage space for bikes, barbecues or deck chairs.

Which playhouse is best for my family?

One storey playhouse
One storey playhouse

The one storey playhouse is the most common choice for families. With a time-honoured design, its wooden walls and front porch are perfect for playtime. This style of playhouse is also good for families on a budget, as it is often the cheapest variety on the market. Due to its low height, it’s perfect for being easily personalised, whether you choose to paint it your child’s favourite colour or match it to pre-existing garden furniture.

Two storey playhouses

Double swings are perfect for families with two or more children as they maximise play space. Even if there’s only one child in the family, a double swing allows a parent to join in with the fun and flexibly allows visiting friends to play as well. If your children are different ages, each swing is height adjustable to ensure that little ones can play safely alongside their elder siblings.

Two storey playhouse
Children playing in tower playhouse
Tower playhouse

Tower playhouses often have other exciting features such as sandpits, slides, telescopes and ladders. This, combined with their elevated height, makes them an exciting addition to the garden for children. They’re a great way to encourage children to play together, as there’s plenty of room for everyone. The tower playhouse can become a look out, space ship, beach hut and more – the only limit is your child’s imagination.

Themed play dens

If you’re looking for something slightly less traditional, at All Round Fun we also stock a range of unusual playhouses and play equipment. Whether it’s a wigwam, pirate ship or command post, this range of outdoor play equipment is ideal for the adventurous child.

children playing in a pirate themed playhouse
Children playing at picnic bench
Accessorise with kids picnic tables

Accessorise with kids’ picnic tables Complete the look with kids’ garden furniture. On sunny days they’ll be in and out of the playhouse, sitting at the table to draw, paint, or eat their lunch. Choose a colour scheme that matches the other outdoor toys in the garden. At All Round Fun, all our picnic tables are pre-treated against fungus and xylophagous insects, meaning that you can be sure of their durability and longevity.

Encouraging creative play

Decorating the playhouse is a fun way to get children involved with decision making. Offer them a choice of colours, and together, paint the outside of the playhouse. We think that window frames look great painted in a contrasting colour to the rest of the Wendy house.

To help the inside of the playhouse feel like home, you could consider fitting a carpet or adding rugs and furniture. A blackboard, painted wall, plants, fairy lights, or cushions can all contribute. You could even designate an area around the outside of the playhouse where your children can help with the gardening.

Playhouse safety

To create a safe, warm and exciting play area, be sure to build the play house onto a flat surface. Whether it’s paving slabs, concrete or wooden decking, it’s important to make sure that the Wendy house is elevated above the lawn so that damp doesn’t set in and the wood doesn’t warp.

Little hands are prone to injury, so make sure that all screws are tightened, and none are left sticking out. It’s also a good idea to sand down the edges of planks to reduce the risk of splinters as well.

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