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Hot Tub Buying Guide

child playing in pool

A hot tub is one of the most luxurious and enjoyable purchases you’ll make. They are therapeutic, rejuvenating, relaxing and, when shared with friends and family, the perfect reason for a cosy and sociable time together.

They are also large luxury items that require careful consideration before purchase, which is why we’ve written a buying guide to help you weigh up all the most important factors before making your choice.


Have you got enough available space for the hot tub in your desired location? Will the space you have in mind be large enough to accommodate your spa and the cover lifting mechanism permanent spas tend to come with? If you have a particular space in mind, will the surface it sits on be strong enough to support it? To safely support your hot tub and its contents, you will need a level concrete or patio floor that is at least 15cm thick. The main factor in choosing the right size hot tub is how many people will be using it. The table below gives rough estimates as to how many people each size of hot tub can comfortably accommodate.
Small Hot Tubs 2-4 people
Medium Hot Tubs 5-6 people
Large Hot Tubs 7+ people


If you are having a fully assembled permanent acrylic spa installed, you need to make sure that the installer will be able to safely and easily access the space that you want the hot tub to occupy. If that’s not possible, it’s useful to figure that out before you purchase so you can consider alternative options such as purchasing a portable spa instead.

Portable spas can be assembled and connected to power without the need for a technician or electrician, making them much easier to install and remove.


It’s a good idea to sit in the potential new hot tub before buying it if you can, or to read reviews about the hot tub looking for information about its comfort. This will help you determine whether it is comfortable enough for you. While you are doing this, we’d recommend you focus on learning about its:

  • Seating depth
  • Ease of entry and exit
  • Footwell space
  • Headrests – they can also be bought separately
  • Ease of access to controls – many of the newer hot tubs now come with portable controls


A hot tub comes with its own set of safety hazards. Being aware of these will help you take the necessary precautions to help avoid any accidents.

Making sure that the flooring around where you will have your hot tub is safe to walk on when wet, and not too slippery, is important. If it’s not already safe, look into rubber mats to lay around the area when the hot tub is in use, and a water absorbent mat for drying feet on before entering areas that are potential slip hazards, such as smooth tiles.

A locking spa cover might be necessary if you have small children.

Always use a qualified electrician to connect your permanent spa to a power supply. If you are assembling a portable hot tub yourself, apply common sense with regards to the proximity of electricity and water. Adhere to safety recommendations in the spa owner’s manual.


How easy will it be to maintain your potential new spa? You’ll want a hot tub that will preserve its appearance over time.

For water that stays cleaner and clearer for longer, consider a hot tub which has been installed with an ozone sanitation system. Some spas feature small circulation pumps that continuously filter the water and regulate the water temperature. Alternatively, you could look into buying an electric pool vacuum.

‘Wood like’ exteriors are also lower maintenance than a real wood exterior and acrylic hot tubs which are made from Lucite acrylic are scratch resistant, which could be useful if you want to preserve a pristine appearance.

Running Costs

The energy efficiency of your hot tub will be determined by how well it can retain heat. Full foam insulation of the body and pumps of the hot tub will help it hold on to heat a bit longer. There’s also the option of purchasing separate insulation for your hot tub for the colder months.


For a hydrotherapy or hydromassage experience, consider:

Types of jets

Your hot tub’s jets are what changes your hot tub experience from a soak to a hydrotherapy session. You’ll want powerful jets if you are after a deep tissue massage from your hot tub.

For a soft tissue massage or a simple soak accompanied by gentle air bubbles, an air jet system is more appropriate.

Jet Location

Do they address the body’s major muscle groups? For the best hydrotherapy experience you’ll want a variety of jets that are placed in areas where they are able to address the body’s major muscle groups.

Jet flow adjustability

This function will let you adjust and regulate the amount of air and water supplied to the jets.

What types of hot tubs are there?

Hot tubs and spas can be divided into two different categories.

Portable spas

Here at All Round Fun, our focus is on portable spas, which are made with materials that allows for the easy installation and dismantling of the spa. These are perfect if you are in rented accommodation or would like your space to be used for more than one activity.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable hot tubs are designed with an easy set up in mind, and a good quality portable hot tub will be made to be erected and filled up with water easily and in little time.

Foam Walled Hot Tubs

Foam walled hot tubs offer the portability of an inflatable spa but with more durability. They tend to be made in a variety of styles such as the acrylic or wood ‘look’ on the outside, while the inside is lined with reinforced PVC liner.

Permanent spas

Permanent spas are made with more durable shell materials such as acrylic that will last longer but might present challenges with portability and manoeuvrability.

Acrylic hot tubs

Acrylic hot tubs are permanent spas that are designed with hydrotherapy in mind. Their strong structures allow for powerful water jets that are capable of giving deep tissue massages and a more authentic spa-like experience. Hot tubs that are made from Lucite acrylic, which is a strong, scratch resistant material, stay clean longer and prohibit the growth of bacteria on their surface.

Swim Spas

Swim spas are a hybrid of a hot tub and a swimming pool. They are used for both exercise and relaxation, which can be used all year round, thanks to their ability to retain their water temperature.

They work by way of powerful water jets that create a water current from one end of the spa that allows the user to swim against it, effectively staying in the same place but getting the same exercise as they would in a full-length pool, while using a fraction of the space.

These same jets can also be used for deep tissue massages.

Browse our full range of hot tubs, hot tub maintenance equipment, and hot tub accessories today to find your perfect hot tub and start relaxing. If you have any more questions to help you choose the right tub for you, don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 043 0437.

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