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Table Tennis

The fast-paced game of table tennis (also known as ping pong) is a fun game that anyone can play, despite your experience. Rules can vary, but most players allow the ball to bounce once on the opponent’s side of the table before it can be hit back to the other player. Points are scored by the other player when their opponent fails to return the ball. Whilst this is popular, others will play best of 11 or 21.

Rapid play keeps the game exciting, and players will quickly develop skills and improve their technique. Most tables will come with a set of ping pong balls and enough paddles so that you can play doubles. Getting four players involved is a great way to include the whole family, as well as improving teamwork between colleagues and co-workers.

But whether you’re a World Champion or just getting started, we understand it’s not always possible to have a full table tennis table due to lack of space. If this rings true, why not consider a Table Tennis Table Top that can easily be placed on top of a dining table and then stored away carefully when not in use.

Alternatively, our BCE 6ft Table Tennis Table with its folding legs and independent leg levellers can also be stored out of the way, and it includes everything you need to play table tennis straight of the box.
All of the table tennis tables and ping pong tables supplied by All Round Fun are made by quality games companies like Riley, Mightymast and BCE.


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