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Table Football

Table Football, also known as Foosball, Table Soccer and Fussball has been keeping football lovers dry since the 1820’s.

This game was invented by a dad who wanted to keep his kids entertained during cold winter months. In no time at all, this game spread through Europe and the Americas until it could be found in pool halls, workplaces, schools and pubs everywhere.

The game involves using figures mounted on rotating bars to kick a ball into the opposite goal. Loosely based on real football, table football has few rules and players require fast reflexes to block and shoot the ball.

To begin a game, the ball is placed either by hand at the feet of a figure in the centre or served through a hole at the side of the table. Throughout the foosball table are rods with figurines and handles at either side for players to grab hold of and use the figurines to shoot and block the ball.

We have a range of tables in several sizes with various team formations. Some of which are used at the International Table Soccer Federation World Championships.

For the younger foosball lovers, we have the 3ft Striker II Table which is portable, lightweight and easy to assemble.

Our Riley 4ft6 Vertically Folding Football Table folds away, can be moved around safely and easily on wheels and comes with independent leg levellers for use on uneven surfaces.

Our tables offer figurines in different colours such as red and blue or white and red and in different formations.

They also come complete with the necessary accessories such as footballs and scorers.


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