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Tabletop Pool & Snooker Tables


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  • Gamesson 3ft LTH Pool Table

    Gamesson is a leading European games table brand designed in Sweden. The 3ft LTH pool tab...

    • Lightweight and portable
    • Accessories include: 2 cues, 1 set of pool balls, 2 chalks, 1 triangle and 1 brush

    Our Price: £64.95

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Pool & Snooker Tables

Perhaps the most popular of all the cue sports, Pool has come to be a game loved by many, with even the most inexperienced players willing to take a shot at potting a ball.

All it takes is that one good shot, accidental or not, and then you’re hooked!

Pool is played on a six-pocket table and involves sinking balls in the pockets using cue sticks. The most popular version of pool is known as Eight-ball and the winner is the player who pockets either all the striped balls or all the solids followed by the eight-ball.

Having a pool table at home is a dream come true for pool lovers, pool addicts and anyone attempting to hone their skills to challenge friends at the local pool hall.

For players who consider themselves the most skilled at cue sports, we also have snooker tables. Snooker is the most testing of the billiard sports with 22 balls and a large table requiring the player to perform complicated shots.

At All Round Fun we have a range of pool and snooker tables on offer. We have tables in a variety of sizes, and with a range of features depending on how seriously you take the sport and your skill level.

Our Riley Ray 7ft American Pool Table has been manufactured based on the Riley England Ray Slate Bed. A Slate Bed Table follows traditional construction methods and is the highest quality table available today.

If space is in short supply, our Gamesson Crucible 6ft Snooker Table is ideal. Its foldable steel legs allow for it to be transported easily or packed away, and the adjustable leg levellers ensure a smooth game, even on uneven surfaces. Alternatively, we also have the BCE 6ft Clifton Folding Pool Table available with independent leg levellers.

If versatility is a must, then the Gamesson 6ft 3 in 1 Mars Combo Multi Games table could be perfect for you. With this games table you can alternate between table tennis and pool, as well as using the flat table top for eating a meal on or building a jigsaw on for example.

All our pool and snooker tables come as a complete set with cues, pool balls, triangle and some come with a brush to maintain a smooth playing surface.


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