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Pool & Snooker Tables

Our extensive range of pool tables and snooker tables are sure to satisfy your love for the sport. Why limit your gameplay to a pub or poolhall when you can have a pool table of your own at home or in your place of work.

Easy to pick up, pool is played on a six-pocket table and involves sinking balls into the pockets using cues. The most popular version is known as eight-ball, and the winner is the player who pockets either all the striped balls or all the solids, followed by the eight-ball.
For those who queue up their 20ps at the pub, having a pool table at home can be a dream come true, which is why a pool table would make an excellent gift. But for players who consider themselves skilled at cue sports, we also stock snooker tables here at All Round Fun. As the most difficult of all billiard sports, snooker is a game of skill that includes 22 balls and a large table – meaning that players are required to perform complicated shots.

Our pool tables and snooker tables in a variety of sizes are ideal for any room in your home, workplace or bar. The Riley Ray 7ft American Pool Table is based on the slate bed style of table, and is of an exceptional high quality – ensuring fair and fun gameplay. Complete with two pool cues, a full set of pool balls, chalk, triangle and American style bucket pockets, this is the ideal pool table for any player.

But if space is in short supply, any of the folding pool tables or folding snooker tables that we have for sale will be perfect for you. At 6ft in length, this Riley Pool Table folds vertically, and comes with a dart board attached to the underside. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a great beginners’ table that’s perfect for kids, the Gamesson 3ft 6 UCLA II Pool Table is ideal for a bedroom and will suit the lower budgets.

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