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Pool & Snooker Tables


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Pool & Snooker Tables

Pool has become a very popular pastime for both the younger players and adults, with almost anyone who can pick up a cue being able to have some fun playing a game. We have tables designed by leading games table brands from around the globe, including Gamesson, BCE, Riley, Supreme, and Mightymast.

Whatever your price range or preferences, we are confident we have the pool table you are looking for. We currently have in stock 8ft slate and black marble tables (The bed, or cloth-covered horizontal playing surface is, on the highest quality equipment available today, made of solid, finely ground slabs of slate. This also follows traditional construction methods.). We also own 3ft pool tables that can be set-up on any horizontal surface of a big enough size within minutes if not seconds, foldable tables that can be moved time and time again and drastically reducing the space required when they are not being used, and tables that can even be changed to play different also popular games, such as darts and table tennis.

All of our pool tables come as a complete set with cues, pool balls, triangle and some even come with a brush to maintain a smooth and effective playing surface. Table sizes range from 3ft to 8ft.