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Multi Games Tables

When there’s a multi games table at home, nights in are a lot more interesting. Not only will you have a pool table, most multi games tables also convert into air hockey and foosball too, with larger multi games tables even including board games like chess and backgammon. Why choose which games table you’d like the most when you can have them all.

Ideal for the home games room, a staff common room or even a bar or pub, these multi games tables are easy to convert, meaning that friends and family can play a new game within a matter of minutes. There are also many options available, with multi games tables of all sizes from 4ft to 6ft being available.

Gaming tables are a favourite amongst game-lovers for a reason. And with up to 34 games available in one table, they appeal to almost everyone and have a wide variety of options available. The multi game table with the most extensive range of games is the Mightymast 34 in 1 Multi Play Games Table, complete with games like snakes and ladders, dominoes and cards – as well as games like darts, pool and foosball. With 34 games in one unit, the table is guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

However, if you’re after something of an excellent quality, the Mightymast Pentagon 6ft 5-in-1 Multigames Table is perfect for you. Complete with pool, air hockey, table tennis, archery and basketball, there really is something for everyone – offering more unusual games that aren’t commonly found on competitor games tables.

But if space is a premium, we also sell folding multi games tables here at All Round Fun. The EvoStar 4ft 15-in-1 Folding Multi Games Table can easily be folded up and away out of sight, leaving more ground space in your kids’ bedroom or games room. With games like hockey, table tennis, shuffleboard, chess, ring toss and billiards, there’ll be endless fun for both adults and children alike.

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