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Gaming Desks

A good gaming desk is the cornerstone of any video game setup. As well as simply being a sturdy and reliable place to keep your computer and monitors, it will also give you the correct amount of space to keep your games, as well as any task lighting too. 

Similarly to a gaming chair, a desk should also be adjustable and ergonomic. Choosing a specialised gaming desk will ensure that your needs as a gamer are prioritised — as well as including some cool features like LED lighting, cable routes and USB ports.

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What to look out for in a gaming desk

  • Desk cut out - Get closer to your monitor, without compromising on space, with a cut out desk. These gaming tables are ideal for those who want to be up close to the action.
  • Cable tray - Nobody likes hanging cables — so if you’re a gamer with plenty of accessories or charging ports, choosing a desk that has a built in cable tray is a great idea, allowing you to channel cables out of the way.
  • Adjustability - Serious gamers will love having the ability to adjust their desk. If you spend hours at a time playing at your battlestation, you’ll love having the choice of either sitting or standing. Choose one with a gas lift or electric feature to ensure everything stays stable.
  • Room for accessories - The bigger the desk, the more room you’ll have for all your favourite bits and pieces. Whether you need space for a full sized keyboard or an ultra wide gaming monitor — no matter what they say, size matters.

Gaming computer desks

Choose from our range of gaming computer desks at All Round Fun — whatever your preference, there’s something for every gamer.

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